Tool Gloves

I hope my tool gloves make your time in the apiary more efficient and enjoyable!


All I can say is these gloves raised the bar of getting into my hive without losing my tool (and my Kool!)… sure streamlines the process. Just a nice add-on making bee inspections more about the bees and less about ‘where’d my tool go?’ It’s like having a second pair of hands. Good quality leather a big plus. I recommend these gloves to any serious beekeeper.


I don’t know what took so long but WOW! These gloves make my bee inspecting sooooo much easier! They’re the “hands-free” must have!! They are really soft and nimble but oh boy – no more dropping my hive tool in the grass. I can work in the hive without having to take my eyes off what I’m doing! What did I do without them!?
But they’re finally here – GREAT innovation.
Give them a try – You will be so happy you did!


I received my tool gloves and couldn’t wait to use then. They fit perfectly and are so soft, not like my previous gloves. I used them today to do my inspections and LOVE THEM. When I needed to use both hands, I was about to put down my tool when I remembered I can just stick it to my glove (old habits are hard to break). Then it was right here when I needed it again. I will definitely bring my gloves to our clubs next event to show others. Great Idea! -Jane

Jane Rogann

I just received my gloves I ordered at the Mass Bee meeting.. I think they are great! I was surprised to see how soft and subtle the the leather is. The sizing is accurate too. The magnets work well holding my hive tool. I think this will speed up my hive inspections. Well Done Dr, Bill!


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