Tool Gloves

I hope my tool gloves make your time in the apiary more efficient and enjoyable!


Just a shout out to Dr Bill and his magnetic gloves. As soon as they arrived I tried them on and just love the way I can carry my tools around with me! They’re right where I need them. Dropping my tool was always a frustration – these just solved that annoyance for me. May seem like a small thing but they sure make a Huge difference. Kudos – Great idea and thanks for such a handy invention!


Five stars Dr Bill! These gloves are all around the best I’ve found and of course the magnetic feature is the cherry on top! They fit my big hands and the leather is pretty supple and comfortable too.
Anyway they’ve really brought real efficiency to beehive inspections for me.. I’ll never bee without them!


All I can say is these gloves raised the bar of getting into my hive without losing my tool (and my Kool!)… sure streamlines the process. Just a nice add-on making bee inspections more about the bees and less about ‘where’d my tool go?’ It’s like having a second pair of hands. Good quality leather a big plus. I recommend these gloves to any serious beekeeper.


I don’t know what took so long but WOW! These gloves make my bee inspecting sooooo much easier! They’re the “hands-free” must have!! They are really soft and nimble but oh boy – no more dropping my hive tool in the grass. I can work in the hive without having to take my eyes off what I’m doing! What did I do without them!?
But they’re finally here – GREAT innovation.
Give them a try – You will be so happy you did!


I received my tool gloves and couldn’t wait to use then. They fit perfectly and are so soft, not like my previous gloves. I used them today to do my inspections and LOVE THEM. When I needed to use both hands, I was about to put down my tool when I remembered I can just stick it to my glove (old habits are hard to break). Then it was right here when I needed it again. I will definitely bring my gloves to our clubs next event to show others. Great Idea! -Jane

Jane Rogann

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