Tool Gloves

I hope my tool gloves make your time in the apiary more efficient and enjoyable!


Love the fit! Perfect, I will definately be getting another pair.

Julie McKinney

Love these gloves! They are comfortable and simply ingenious.

Carolyn Holmes

I have been using Bill’s gloves for most of this season, and they are the best pair of gloves for beekeeping ( 10 years) I have owned . Having the hive tool available on the magnets simplifies hive inspection, but the gloves themselves fit great. No more fumbling with a match while trying to light the smoker, or pulling gloves off for “finer work” . A well thought out product.


We bought two sets of gloves at a bee show in Amherst Ma. and I haven’t lost my hive tool since. We love them.


Thank you for a wise invention. I feel less anxiety now with one less thing to worry about- “where to put my tool to keep it handy?” Very pliable and good fit for my small hands. I feel more professional. Great idea!

Poppy T.

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