Tool Gloves

I hope my tool gloves make your time in the apiary more efficient and enjoyable!


These are the best gloves I’ve used in 45 years of beekeeping. As an EAS master beekeeper, I have tried many. Not only are these comfortable, light and protective, the allow me to have a free hand as the hive tool sits on the magnet. Being able to work freely and efficiently is a wonderful improvement. I highly recommend these gloves!

Alexandra Bartsch

See the tool gloves being used in the field.

Dr. Bill

Bill, I love my new gloves, I have been wearing them and will let my students and instructors know all about them, Thanks Bob Hickey of Wetlands Apiary.

Bob Hickey

Short and to the point. I like these gloves. The magnet is positioned spot on. Nice job.


Just a shout out to Dr Bill and his magnetic gloves. As soon as they arrived I tried them on and just love the way I can carry my tools around with me! They’re right where I need them. Dropping my tool was always a frustration – these just solved that annoyance for me. May seem like a small thing but they sure make a Huge difference. Kudos – Great idea and thanks for such a handy invention!


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