Dr. Bill's Bees was founded in 2022. Dr. Bill Blocher has been affiliated with Boston University for many years and now does independent research in his private apiary. He is currently a director of Worcester County Beekeepers Association.

Three years ago, working his bees, he had the misfortune of dropping his hive tool  into a very tall hive of angry bees. Dr. Blocher decided then and there to invent a better way to manage his hive tool. After several years and some 20 different versions of gloves with magnets, the Beekeeper's Tool Gloves was born. He quickly found other uses such as storing his queen catcher and marking pen.

As other beekeepers witnessed the gloves in practice, the response has been one of "WOW, COOL" and "WHERE CAN I GET A PAIR".   Dr. Blocher was encouraged to patent his invention and make them available for beekeepers everywhere. 

Dr. Bill Blocher