Tool Gloves

I hope my tool gloves make your time in the apiary more efficient and enjoyable!


I’m putting the Dr Bill’s gloves to the test in the apiaries. They’re awesome!

Cory Stevens

I’ve been using a pair so far this season and I love them; a little more protection, but still using my fingers to handle queens!!! Need to get another pair or two ordered as rough as I am on things! :)

John Eaker

I’ve had my Dr Bill gloves on today and love them!

Cory Stevens

I was a bit skeptical about gloves with magnets, but I confess these are the best gloves I have ever owned. They fit, they are comfortable to wear and I haven’t lost my hive tool yet! I plan on trying the gauntlet gloves too!


Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth at EAS at UMASS Amherst last month. I was pleased to hear you rave about your gloves :)
Dr Bill


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